Hanging Flower Basket

I’ve been looking for a hanging flower basket to hang on the front porch. I’ve had a wind chime there for the past few years, but I live by a golf course and sometimes those golfers don’t exactly know how to keep the ball on the course. By early spring the thing had rusted some and the glass had been broke from the golf balls hitting it too many times. The first year here, I had a hanging basket up but was always flimsy in the wind and heavy rain.

Over the weekend we went to one of my favorite stores, The Flower Factory. I could seriously spend all day there and find a ton of craft projects if my husband would let me. For his sake he is usually with me when we go there so, I had to control myself this time. I love to get my scrapbook stuff there and it’s cheap!

I knew I was in love when I found these hanging baskets at the front of the store for $1.85 each!

Pair them with the $.88 flowers I scored at Menard’s and I have less than $8 invested into this flower basket. I was not about to pay the $17 that one local store wanted for a hanging basket. I think they turned out great and you’d never know that I put it together myself. It even endured the heavy rain and winds we’ve had the last few days (it doesn’t seem to want to stay warm or dry very long here in Ohio this spring).

Now I just have to buy more flowers for the front flower pots that these were originally for since I purchased the flowers before finding the basket.


One thought on “Hanging Flower Basket

  1. Jessica

    That looks SO GREAT (and the price makes it look even better haha)! I have windchimes outside the door to my back porch…. and they actually drive me CRAZY. A flower basket might be more what I need!

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