The Garden On Steroids

We came home from Iowa Sunday night to find this…. Tomato plants almost as tall as our six foot tall fence!


I determined that the random plant growing in the driveway was actually a weed! That sucker was the first weed to get pulled last night!  Notice all of that grass mixed with the gravel? Yeah, I’m sure it’s not normal to have to mow you’re driveway! We have tried everything, including vinegar to kill the grass but it just won’t die!


And yes, that’s the cucumbers making their way across the garden and to the neighbors! The hubby got a little happy with the clippers and started cutting up the plants to thin them out, since they were about to make their way into the garage.


We got about 11 cucumbers and a handful of  yellow pear tomatoes. Apparently they are like cherry tomatoes just in the shape of a pear and yellow.


The purple Lilies are what bloomed from the last garden post found here. I waited two months for these to bloom and they finally bloomed while we were in Iowa late last week. The other flowers are from my grandfather’s funeral on Saturday that survived the trip back, thanks to my grandmother’s wonderful tip: wrap the steams in a wet paper towel and put them in a Ziploc baggie and then place in water as soon as I arrive home. They still look good five days later.