Green Thumb

This year we purchased our vegetable plants from the local farmer’s market.

Before vacation it was pretty tame. I had just put the tomato cages around the tomatoes as they were starting to get bigger. In fact, I was afraid that I might have killed them in the process. We came home from vacation and holy cucumbers!! Garden

My cucumbers are taking over the garden, the tomatoes look like they are on steroids and the banana peppers are slowly catching up. Oh, and there’s the random tomato plants between the peppers and cucumbers and next to the garage, not even in the garden bed. We had these last summer too. We believe it’s because the year before we didn’t till up garden at the end of the summer, so when we did last summer, the seeds from the tomatoes that were left got spread around.

Oh and I can’t forget the random plant growing in the driveway (I think it’s green bean)! It’s a jungle out there! And in all the grass that’s growing in the driveway and I have no idea where to even start to look to see if there is veggies growing yet! And then the herbs in my cute paint cans have died! I read in the newspaper yesterday that there is a disease going around this part of the state attacking basil plants. Before vacation it was thriving very well. 

I’ve been waiting for months for this flower that my mother-in-law gave me last year to bloom and it looks like any day now! I can’t wait!


I don’t know what’s going on, it seems like all of my other flowers that usually stay in bloom throughout the summer are already dying off.

If you have any suggestions for my cucumber issue, please let me know as I’m sure they are going to take off even more this week. The weather is calling for rain ALL week! Ugh!