Deal Seeking 101- Where to Find Coupons

Deal SeekingNow that you know how to organize your coupons, you’re probably wondering where your going to get all of those coupons to fill your organizer.

First off, there is the most popular and the oldest method of finding coupons and that’s in your local Sunday paper. Some coupons in the Sunday papers are regional, meaning that a coupon I get in my local paper here in Ohio may not be the same as what might be found in California. You can find out what coupons are going to be in your Sunday paper by checking out many of the various blogs that offer a coupon preview, usually in the middle of the week. (I will tell you about some of my favorite bloggers in my next post).

Since I started couponing and blogging, I discovered many internet sites to score coupons and sometimes even higher value coupons than the newspaper inserts. There are various sites such as,, and that offer various coupons for almost anything and everything you can think of. These are the sites that I use to get great coupons for products that I use frequently.


Coupons can also be found on store websites such as Rite Aid where you can watch videos on different products and earn store coupons. Once you reach a certain number of credits you can sometimes get bonus coupons for $4 or $5 off a $20 or $25 purchase. I use these types of coupons to get some of the low transactions at Rite Aid. Target also offers store coupons. allows you to add coupons to your store card. I am not familiar with this, as none of the stores in my area offer this option.

Sometimes you can also find coupons on the products themselves. Recently, I have found these great high dollar coupons inside the Prilosec boxes. My hubby eats Banquet meals for lunch (don’t judge) and the last ones we bought were marked that they had coupons inside. I’ve even got dog treats for next to nothing because of the peel off coupons on the outside of the boxes.  Some stores also have coupons next to the products, just be on the look out for them.

Various companies are taking advantage of social networking sites to offer coupons and freebies to their fans/followers. This is a great way to get coupons for free products, which are usually mailed within a few days. Manufactures also offer coupons on their websites, so be sure to check the site of your favorite product if you can’t find a coupon your looking for.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the store advantage cards. Many stores only offer the sale price if you have one of these cards, otherwise you could end up paying full price for an item because you didn’t have the store card.

I’m sure there are many other ways to find coupons, these are the main ways that I score coupons and am just passing my knowledge on to those who are new to deal seeking and want to save money on their grocery bill. If you have any tips or other places that I may have forgotten about, please leave a comment sharing those sources.


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    thanks for reminder of where to get coupons not judging lol just laughing that he eats those things

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