Tin Can Flowers


Our front flower beds needed some color but the beds are built up higher and I knew if I planted the flowers in the ground that they wouldn’t be seen from the street.

I came up with a plan! {scary, I know}


While shopping Wally World one day I noticed they had their flowers marked 50% off. I went back and got a punch of flowers for $14. I finally got everything planted yesterday!


With the help of my MIL and her friend, I collected some restaurant size tin cans.


I used the end that had been notched out as the bottom for drainage and cut off the other end.

I spray painted the cans with some spray paint I had on hand from the herb containers from a few years ago. Then I had the hubby drill some holes in the sides to attach wire to hang them from.


I planted the flowers (about four per can) and hung them on Sheppard’s hooks in the flower beds in the front of the house. They looked really pretty until the hooks couldn’t hold the weight after the rain. Now I have them sitting on the front steps.

This would be great with stronger hooks. I just used what we had in our garage from our wedding three years ago.

DSCN0515  DSCN0519 DSCN0520 DSCN0521



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