Why I’ve Been MIA

This month has been very busy. We spent 4th of July doing things around the house and preparing for company.


I had got a great deal on Strawberries and Blueberries for 99 cents each. I tossed them together to use some fresh and freeze the rest.


I just love how this picture turned out. I love summertime fruit.


We had a cookout with our neighbors for the 4th of July. They made ribs and I made potato salad, pasta salad and a corn salad that I threw together without a recipe. It was delish.


We had Strawberry/Blueberry Short Cake for dessert.


That weekend we found out that my cousins were on their way to NYC and Atlantic City for vacation and were going to be 20 minutes away from us when they came through Ohio. On the way back to Iowa on Tuesday, they stopped to spend the night. It was great catching up with them since we hadn’t got to see them since last July.  We had a cook out {have I mentioned how much I love summer and being able to cook outside?} BTW- doesn’t my cousin look pretty fab for driving 8+ Hours? I swear she hasn’t aged, ever! Hopefully those good family genes will stick with me!


On Friday, this cutie came with his mom (my cousin), grandma  (my aunt) and another cousin to bring us a present from Iowa….


I have the best mother in the world! She scored this couch at a furniture store in Iowa that was going out of business. My Aunt and Cousins brought it to us on Friday. We’d been looking for a new couch for some time now and hadn’t been able to find one at a good price.


And ever since then, this cutie pootie has decided that this is her new bed. She even has to have a pillow! But she’s not spoiled, I promise!

Then there has been this week where I have felt like doing nothing. Hence the reason for my MIA. I hate feeling this way. I hate not having any energy or motivation to do ANY.THING. Well, other than becoming addicted to Pinterest.

Thanks for your patients during my sometimes MIA weeks.