Heart & Home Clean Sweep- Day 2


Today is Day 2 of Esther’s Heart & Home Clean Sweep and we’re working in the kitchen and dining room!

In our home, the kitchen and dining room become the dumping ground of everything because we don’t have a formal entry way or mud room. 99 percent of the time, the kitchen table is covered in clutter that’s been dumped at the end of the day.



I’m not a big fan of our galley kitchen because there is no storage space. The closest thing to a pantry that I have is, a cabinet that we put in between the two rooms to have extra storage space when we lost a base cabinet in order to install a dishwasher {a sacrifice I was willing to make!}


We got a new office desk in February and for two months the old desk sat in the corner of the dining room. Thankfully I found a new home for it!


These next two cabinets drive my batty! The medicine is never put back in place, taking up more shelves than needed and drink cups are always falling out or knocking things over!


This is the after! I was able to part with a few dishes and make room for drink bottles on the top shelf and got the medications better organized!


The spice/plastic storage container cabinet is the other cabinet that makes me crazy! See all those lids up there? Yep, most of them are missing their mate because the hubby will just take a bowl to work and then never return it! Plus they are always falling out when you open the door!


I tossed the lids that didn’t go to anything I was keeping and reorganized my spices on the lazy susan.



I love this crock that my sweet mother-in-law bought me to store the utensils.


I washed down all the shelves, soaked the never used wine glasses for days trying to get all the grease off them and wiped down the walls.


The desk found a new home back in the office. I can’t wait until we are able to put in a new floor, countertops, back splash and repaint the cabinets!


I love nothing more than having fresh flowers in the house! I was more than excited when I was able to score two packages of mini carnations at Wal Mart over a week ago for $2 each! I got a package of white and pink and created this arrangements. I love walking by and smelling them!


Almost two weeks later and they still look this good!


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