Heart & Home Clean Sweep- Day 5

I skipped day 4 {the master bedroom} of the Heart & Home Clean Sweep over at Our Simple Country Life. I never made it that far in my cleaning venture. Besides, the master bedroom never stay’s clean, see exhibit one!

Today is all about the other bedrooms in your home. One of our other rooms is currently used as our office. The other room doubles as my craft room/spare bedroom and when it’s clean is probably my favorite room of the house! But it’s also the room that everything that doesn’t have a home, gets thrown into.

I should also mention that since the last time I cleaned this room, Daisy has taken over the bed, hence the reason there is a sheet on top of the comforter and a blanket covering a pillow! {I don’t know how she became so spoiled!}



I decided it was time to get the room clean since I’m going to be sleeping in here for the next three weeks, as well as get to spend time catching up on scrapbooking when I have foot surgery next Friday.


See All.That.Stuff on the desk? Yep, I said everything get’s thrown in here! Samples, things that need returned, health and beauty products for the stockpile.




Daisy just had to get in the picture of her clean room! She’s always showing off her booty! HA!

If you’re wondering why the bed seems so high, the hubby built a frame for me that allows for extra storage underneath. I love being able to store boxes of fabric and other supplies under there since I don’t have a lot of room for storage.


I came up with this brilliant at midnight last weekend to move a desk that we never use in the office, to the craft room so that I could keep my sewing machine out all the time and stop dragging everything to the dining room table, where it tends to stay for weeks or months! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I have a new idea that I can’t wait to hopefully do this weekend for above the sewing machine!


This wall is still a work in progress. I had to do some rearranging when I brought in the desk, so this shelf that holds baskets of fabric got moved back to this wall for the second time {I’m so indecisive}. I need to figure out what to do with this wall.


And then there’s my still cluttered desk. I’m hoping to take care of everything on that shelf over the next month, since that’s everything that I NEED to scrapbook & I’m not talking papers, I’m talking pictures, articles, etc. All my papers are hidden under the bed! I also still need to organize the bins under the desk and the cabinet above that holds more craft supplies and cook books.

No matter how much I clean this room, it’s always a work in progress!

Don’t worry, I’ll post about our office tomorrow, since our laundry room is nothing fancy in our dinge basement!


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