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It’s Monday again! And I decided that it’s time to actually start making a meal plan again for the week. My main motivator was trying to send the hubby to the grocery store with a grocery list. How can I make a grocery list, when I’m not even sure what we’re going to eat for the next week.

After hobbling around the kitchen for a few minutes yesterday, I came up with the quickest, easiest meal plan for the week. When I asked the hubby what he wanted to eat this week {other than him saying he hadn’t even made it through today’s dinner to know what he wants for the rest of the week}, he requested for it to be easy things that he can fix when he gets home from work. He’s still taking care of me and the house and the dog, and that’s hard work!

Our rough plan for the week includes:

After doing our meal plan for the week, we were offered free pizza for dinner and of course you never turn town a free meal! Especially pizza!

What are you having good this week?


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Hannah Acheson

    Sounds delicious! And you’ve inspired me to try a dairy-free version of the broccoli soup, though probably without the traditional Panera bread bowl – I’m not THAT dedicated lately. ;)

    I’m experiencing an odd week wherein I’m not adverse to cooking, but the planning of it simply isn’t coming together, resulting in fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants dinner prep every night; the kind of prep many women face every night, but considering my freezer is never stocked with store-bought meals ready to go, and considering I tend not to thaw any meat unless I plan to use it, this lack of planning is really taking a toll on my getting meals to the table this week. Before I go to bed tonight I should just sit down and plan the menu for the rest of the week already!

    Our fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants menu so far this week, since you asked:

    Sunday – dine-in Vietnamese for lunch, Burger King for dinner; Mother’s Day spoiling

    Monday – whole roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, pan gravy

    Tuesday – spaghetti with meatless marinara, foccacia — my meat-and-potatoes husband will be less than impressed with the sauce, but I’m trying to ration our ground beef supply; and he did have leftover loose meat sandwiches for lunch, so he really shouldn’t complain. ;)

    Wednesday-Saturday – something calling for shredded chicken (in efforts to use up leftovers); and perhaps some Pinterest dishes, to challenge myself. I may get back to you on that. ;)

    -menu slacker

  2. Hannah Acheson

    To further demonstrate my slacking this week, I failed even to record what we ate one night, resulting in a missed day when I relayed my menu above. Monday we actually had dairy-free mac & cheese with hot dogs. Push all other meals forward in the week accordingly. ;)


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