Introducing Our Newest Family Member

On January 10th, we welcomed our newest member to our family….


A seventy-seven pound Chow-Sheppard mix, named Diesel. Who is two-three years old.

When we lost our beloved Jake last February, we struggled with the decision of getting another dog. Life was so much easier with just Daisy. It was easier to take off for the weekend or to be gone longer during the days with just one dog. The last few months I have ‘liked’ a few rescue pages on Facebook and started searching Petfinder. I wanted a smaller dog {our house is small and I wondered if God were to bless us with a child, where in the world would we put a child and two big dogs}, while the hubby wanted a bigger dog.

Then things got to the point where I couldn’t even look at these sites anymore. I had to hide them from my newsfeed because I wanted to save each & every one of them. I would send pictures to my husband of cute dogs who needed homes & he began to feel the same way I did. One day I would want another dog so that Daisy would have a playmate {she always gets depressed after we’ve been home for a period of time and then go back to work}; The next day I would decide I didn’t want one because life was easier with just one.

But I think these feelings happen for a reason. It just so happened that Wednesday night a friend had posted a picture of a Westie on Facebook that needed to be rehomed. I had planned on talking to the hubby about this the next day. And then my friend/co-worker called me Thursday and wanted to know if I was still looking for a dog. I said, weellll… It depends {I was hesitant}. Someone that both of us knew had a dog show up at their house in the country and had been there for three days. No one had been around looking for him and the mail lady who knows everyone in the area had never seen the dog before.


So when I went to see him that afternoon, I had a hard time with the decision. How could I say no to this face? But if I didn’t take him he’d in up in the dog shelter. He seemed like a very smart dog, already knowing ‘down’ and ‘shake’. I sent pictures to the hubby, who was busy at work and didn’t respond. I made the decision to take him and called the hubby at work to tell him, we had a new member of the family.


We decided on naming him Diesel. Who made himself right at home. He was on his best behavior the first night. He climbed the baby gate to sleep in our room and seems to be very protective of me already.


By the second night, he must have decided ‘these humans are going to keep me, so I’m going to show my true self.’ He learned to jump on the furniture and found the toys.


Check out those paws!


I’m cute! How in the world could someone say no to this face?!


Diesel had his first visit with the vet yesterday, where he swooned all of the vet techs and the doctor with his good looks. We found out that he wasn’t micro chipped and is healthy, other than having some problems with his ‘boys’ and needing to be neutered right away.


Daisy is still unsure of Diesel, mainly when he steals her toys and he gets aggressive with her when she tries to get them back. I’m also pretty sure that this big boy has forgot everything that he knew the moment he realized we were keeping him lol. This is what I found a few minutes ago. They are best friends when they are barking at golfers!

Welcome to the family Diesel!


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