Chances Change Lives

“If life gives you a chance, take it; If it changes your life, let it.”- Harvey MacKay

This was a quote that my roommate my freshman year of college had posted in our dorm room and I grew to love it. It’s been one of my favorite quotes of all time and I’ve used it many times to get myself through various situations over the years.

If you could believe it, I was very shy and quiet in high school and growing up. I was always involved in activities and worked throughout high school, but I was always afraid to speak up or to be called on in class. It even took me a long time to get comfortable around my friends. So it came as a little bit of a shock to those closest to me when I decided I was going to move 700 miles away from my hometown in Iowa to attend a private college in Ohio; where, I knew absolutely no one! IMG_2131

I took a chance when I made the decision to move far away from my comfort zone, to a state where I knew no one. I had no idea what to expect when I stepped foot on the college campus, situated in the center of a quant little town; where Amish buggies trotting through the street dividing up the campus, were an everyday occurrence. Some days I wondered what I got myself in too. Other days I was so thankful that I took the chance to see what else the world had to offer outside of the small farming town I grew up in. IMG_2129

A chance that changed my life. A chance that allowed me to come out of my shell, to open up and figure out who I was as a person. A chance that allowed me to meet my best friends. Friends who have embraced me with open arms, making me feel like I’m a part of their family when I had no family around me. A chance that lead me to my husband.


A chance that changed my life. A chance that I am so thankful for, as I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. IMG_2132That chance that changed my life, specifically changed my life when I graduated college seven years ago today. I wonder where the last seven years have gone. There have been ups and downs, career changes, moving from renting an apartment to owning a home, dating turned to marriage, the loss of loved ones, struggles with infertility, but through it all, it’s that one chance that I took almost eleven years ago that changed my life forever!

I’ve spent the last seven years continuing to work in the same quant little town, with the Amish buggies still trotting down the streets. I’m lucky that I still get to enjoy the beauty of the campus every day while passing through. One day last week, I was able to go down memory lane when I went for a walk through the campus, enjoying the beautiful tulips that were in bloom. Spring time was always my favorite time of year during college. I was able to capture these gorgeous pictures while strolling through campus.


That same day, I came across this field of dandelions, that I just thought were beautiful. This field reminded me that beauty is all around us.


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  1. nancee mays

    i thank god everyday u took a chance cuz i became a very lucky person the day you became my sons wife my daughter and my friend .love you to the moon and back and thanks for taking a chance :)


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