Chicago {Part Three}- Navy Pier


Our last full day in Chicago, we headed downtown to check out the sites. We ended up only going to Navy Pier due to a lot of the side streets being closed for a marathon.


I got a lot of great pictures but am choosing only to share these pictures so that this post, isn’t picture heavy. My mom and I both love lighthouses and we were able to see this one from the end of the pier.


My mom was driving the hubby crazy with wanting to take pictures of us. He doesn’t like having his picture taken, while I love having these memories to look back on in the years to come. 


These seagulls were everywhere and would just stand there posing, waiting for us to take their pictures. It was to funny.



I was trying to make the hubby do funny poses in these pictures.



I was super excited when we got to the end of the pier and and found this big anchor. I have an obsession with anchors these days. As I was taking a picture of it, a few couples came up to take their pictures sitting on it and I ended up being a “professional” photographer for a moment; as I think I took pictures for probably three different couples. I like to be that nice person who offers to take a picture for random strangers so that everyone can be in the picture.


This was the building at the end of the pier. This picture is straight out of my camera, with no editing or special settings when I took the picture! I can’t believe how it came out! And there’s something shooting through the sky in the top left of the picture. Love it!


We had so much fun while we were in Chicago! Thank you to my aunt who played tour guide for us! We can’t wait to get back more often, now that Southwest flies out of our local regional airport for super cheap.


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