How to Save On Garden Plants



The last few years, I’ve waited a few weeks into June before purchasing any flowers to plant for the summer. One time I found annuals marked down to 80 cents for a six pack at Wal Mart. Did they look a little rough? Sure, but nothing a little pruning and water couldn’t fix. In fact, I used those same flowers in my Tin Can Planters. I also purchased a bush that I’ve had my eye on for years for $3 at Lowes in May after it had bloomed for the season.


This year, the weather has been crazy in Ohio. We were having frosts up until the last week of May. I’m always afraid to plant anything to early into the season for this reason. The second year I put in a garden, I ended up planting it twice because the first time got hit by a frost. For this reason, I waited until the second week of June to purchase any flowers {I purchased my garden plants the week before from the farmer’s market}.


A local green house has huge mark downs on all of their plants the second week of June as they shut down after the sale and won’t reopen until fall for mums. I went a few days into the sale when everything was 60% off. I had never been there before, so I was very overwhelmed by the amount of plants they offered.


I also wasn’t sure what some of the stuff I was purchasing was. I tried to read the tags to make sure the plants fit the planting criteria that I was looking for and didn’t attract bees {the husband is allergic}.


This is the back of my SUV when I left the green house. I got 41 individual plants for $31. I was surprised by the total when I checked out because I was just throwing things in my cart, not really keeping track of the prices.


I was able to get two hanging baskets that were really full for $3 each. These baskets at retail stores probably sell for $16 or more.


More views of the plants once I got home.


My total before the sale was $73.69. After the 60% off sale, I paid $31.47 with tax for all of these plants.

IMG_2389  IMG_2416

I picked up the white planter on clearance at Target. I put a combination of pink flowers around the spike plant.


I love sweet potato vines. I just think their colors are so pretty. The day before I got all the plants at the nursery, I scored 5 sweet potato vines from the farmer’s market for $4. I had no clue where I was going to plant them. Then I ended up with the hanging basket and thought it would look neat to have the vines grow down the basket, so I planted one vine in each basket.


I also found these planters at Target that attach to your deck railing using either zip ties {brilliant for those living in apartments} or by screwing them into the deck. I have two of them and planted a sweet potato vine, and two other plants in them.


The big reason for purchasing all of these plants was for the new flower bed we were putting in. Last fall we had to dig up our foundation {a post on that is coming soon} in order to water proof it, so what used to be grass had become a pile of dirt. It’s always been more of a pain to mow this, plus the way we park in the driveway, I usually end up driving in this area. I thought putting in a flower bed and the putting gravel up to the landscaping bricks would be a great idea.

The majority of perennials that I purchased got planted here. I purchased the landscaping bricks on sale at Menards. After using a rebate I had, I only paid roughly $2 for them.


This is one of the flower pots sitting on the front porch.

Because I knew when flowers would be going on sale at various garden centers and retail stores, I was able to purchase enough plants and landscaping bricks to add a new flower garden for under $50.

When you’re looking to add to your landscaping, remember to watch for the sales. Most annuals and spring/early summer perennials go on sale the first week or two of June depending on your area. Also watch at retail stores, as I’ve noticed most of them have a clearance section where they mark down ones that may be able to be saved with a little sun, water and TLC.  By knowing when these sales happen each year, you will be able to save possibly hundreds of dollars on plants each year. I wish I would have known this tip the first few years we were home owners and added new landscaping.


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