{Deal Seeking} Car Insurance

We’ve all seen the commercial, “I saved on my car insurance by switching to….”.

Recently we received our yearly car insurance statements in the mail. Not much changed, so I usually glance over them and then file the papers away for reference.


This year, as I was looking through the policies, I realized that the policy had my husband down for driving more than 20 miles a day for work. Recently he switched jobs and is much closer to home. Therefore he’s only driving about 10 miles a day, round trip for work.

I always read these other blog posts about how people have saved money by calling their cable company, credit cards, etc and I have always thought, that there is no way that we can get extra money out of our budget.

Today, I made a quick two minute phone call to our very nice insurance man to let him know that my husband wasn’t driving as far for work. In that two minute phone call, he was able to save us almost $35 a year; just because of one small change in our driving habits that we normally wouldn’t have thought anything about. $3 a month savings may not seem like much but in a years time that money adds up and could be used somewhere else in the budget.

The nice insurance man tried to save money on insurance for my car when he thought that there is no way I could drive over 22,000 miles a year. But, even though I’ve made some changes to my employment, I still drive a crazy amount of miles each year.

Not only are we saving money in gas each week by my husband having a job closer to home, we are now saving on car insurance.

“I was able to save on car insurance by just making one simple phone call…”

Are you looking for areas to save money in your budget? Start by calling you car insurance company and make sure you have the best policy for you and your family.

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