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Chicago {Part Three}- Navy Pier


Our last full day in Chicago, we headed downtown to check out the sites. We ended up only going to Navy Pier due to a lot of the side streets being closed for a marathon.


I got a lot of great pictures but am choosing only to share these pictures so that this post, isn’t picture heavy. My mom and I both love lighthouses and we were able to see this one from the end of the pier.


My mom was driving the hubby crazy with wanting to take pictures of us. He doesn’t like having his picture taken, while I love having these memories to look back on in the years to come. 


These seagulls were everywhere and would just stand there posing, waiting for us to take their pictures. It was to funny.



I was trying to make the hubby do funny poses in these pictures.



I was super excited when we got to the end of the pier and and found this big anchor. I have an obsession with anchors these days. As I was taking a picture of it, a few couples came up to take their pictures sitting on it and I ended up being a “professional” photographer for a moment; as I think I took pictures for probably three different couples. I like to be that nice person who offers to take a picture for random strangers so that everyone can be in the picture.


This was the building at the end of the pier. This picture is straight out of my camera, with no editing or special settings when I took the picture! I can’t believe how it came out! And there’s something shooting through the sky in the top left of the picture. Love it!


We had so much fun while we were in Chicago! Thank you to my aunt who played tour guide for us! We can’t wait to get back more often, now that Southwest flies out of our local regional airport for super cheap.


Chicago {Part Two}

  Day two of our trip to Chicago was spent with family. We headed to Joliet to the casino. There’s a reason why I don’t gamble… because I don’t win anything. I should of stopped when I was up $20 in the first five minutes we were there, but what fun would that have been. The hubby had a great time as he had never been to a casino before.


The casino trip was an excuse to get my uncle {my mom’s brother} out of the house for the day. He turned 65 at the end of April, but my aunt had a party for him early since my mom and I were in town. He was definitely surprised when he walked in the door.


Happy 65th Birthday Uncle Gene. Glad we were able to celebrate with you.

DSCN6688  My Mom & her brotherDSCN6690

My mom and her sister-in-law started out as best friends when my mom was 18 years old. Eventually my mom introduced her friend to her brother and they ended up became sister-in-laws.


My mom and I. I hadn’t seen my mom in almost two years. Life gets hectic and lets face it, it’s not much fun visiting Iowa. It was great to be able to spend a few days with her and other members of our family. It was also a special occasion because I wore a dress! I don’t think I’ve worn a dress since my wedding day almost FIVE years ago! But I loved this dress! And now that I think about it, I’m gonna wear it to a birthday party next weekend.

ChicagoAmDawnMy Cousin Dawn & I {if she see’s this she’s going to kill me!}. When I was in college I would drive the six hours to Chicago every few months just to get a way for a weekend and also to get my hair done. She’s one of the few I’ve allowed to touch my hair in my lifetime. I miss her dearly and wish were able to spend more time together like we did when I was in college. I also blame her for my addiction to McDonalds Coke. When she was pregnant she craved Coke from McDonalds so when I was with her, we always had to stop by Mickey Dee’s for Coke. And now I constantly crave their Coke over any other fountain drink.              

It turned out to be a great day and we enjoyed spending time with our family. That’s the one thing that I don’t like about living so far away, is not getting to spend time with my mom as much as I would like. Thankfully we talk almost every day.


Chicago {Part One} Stalking Chicago Fire

Welcome to all of my new readers from the UBP13. I’m still working on replying to all of the comments and visiting everyone’s blogs & FB pages. I’ve been a little busy this past week.

You see, I’ve been busy stalking the TV shower Chicago Fire. Last weekend, the hubby & I flew to Chicago to spend some time with my mom, who we hadn’t seen in almost two years. She drove the six hours from Iowa and met us in Chicago where she was born & raised. After finding a sweet deal on airfare, we decided to fly in order to give us more time there.

Our flight out was delayed due to a “fuel leak that was no big deal” according to the airline when they made the announcement of the delay. We all busted out in laughter, thinking, you’ve got to be kidding us, “No big deal, huh?” Even with the delay, we still made the 45 minute flight into Chicago by 10am on Friday. My Aunt {who my mom has been best friends with for over 35 years} and my mom picked us up from the airport and drove downtown Chicago. The hubby has never actually been into Chicago so this was a fun trip for him to see new things.

But our main mission of the day was to stalk the set of the TV show, Chicago Fire. In the weeks leading up to the trip, we thought it would be cool to go see if they were filming. After searching Google, I found a site that tells you where shows and movies are filming at each day. My wonderful Aunt is such a great tour guide around the city and took us right to where they were suppose to be filming. But it looked like we had missed it.


As we turned the corner to go back around the block to another spot we had a lead on, we found the casts trailers lined up along a block by an empty warehouse. There were security guards stationed at each entrance. Of course my aunt had to drive around the block a few times & the hubby thought we were going to get arrested for stalking lol!



While we were driving around, we passed an actual Chicago Firehouse that was making a run. You see, my hubby used to be a fire fighter until knee problems caused him to have to leave the department. So we have a slight obsession with Fire Fighting stuff.

Our next brilliant idea in our stalking adventures was to find the tavern that three of the characters had purchased in the show.


The real name of the tavern is “Lotties” where as on the show, it’s named “Molly’s”. Lotties was situated in a residential area.

Then we figured out the address of the Firehouse and set off to find it. Which turns out is right near my aunt’s doctors office. I’m pretty sure she will be doing some of her own stalking when she’s downtown.  ;o)


When we pulled up, two of the SUV’s {usually what the Chief’s drive} were parked outside. We stopped to take a picture. My mom wanted to take a picture of me in front of the station, which looked horrible thanks to Chicago living up to its nickname of the Windy City. By the time we drove back around the SUV’s were gone.


Looking to the east of the department is this beautiful skyline view that is sometimes seen in episodes. As we were leaving the station, a couple had pulled up and informed us that they were going to be filming at the station on Monday at 4am to 10am. We were super excited and were planning on going {OMG how cool would that have been?!} But after thinking about it, our flight left to go home on Monday and we didn’t want to be rushed with getting packed and to the airport and so tired when we got home that evening.


The next stop on our mini Chicago vacation? None other than my favorite place for Beef Sandwiches up the street from my aunt & uncles. The hubby was being rebellious and ordered something else on the menu. I could have ate three or four of these while we were there, but I refrained from my friend Jaclyn yelling at me when I got back for killing my diet.

After resting for a bit, us girls went shopping. Where else do you go shopping while your in Chicago? Kohl’s & Target of course! LOL. My aunt had told us about some recent purse thefts in the downtown area and since we were headed to the Pier on Sunday I decided to get a cross body purse for safety reasons. ;o)

Stay tuned for Part Two: Family Time & A Surprise 65th Birthday Party.



The Windy City

Oh, how I love Chicago! I am lucky that my mom was born and raised in Chicago and I still have family in the area. I love to visit and spend time in Chicago. So much so that during college, I would make the six hour trip at least once every two months. Okay, maybe I really made the trip just to get my hair done by my fabulous cousin (love you Dawn).

Then life happens and things change like getting married and not being able to be so spontaneous. Halloween weekend we were able to make our first weekend trip together to Chicago for a very quick trip. Unfortunately we had a ton of other stuff on our agenda and weren’t able to fit it and going downtown all in the same day.

But no trip is complete without Chicago food! As a kid, I remember that all of our trips to the Windy City resulted in coming home with many Crave Cases of White Castles (you know, the suitcase looking boxes containing at least 30 sliders) because White Castle didn’t exist west of the Mississippi. Then of course there are the amazing Italian Beef Sandwiches, bests ones are from a place on 79th street in Burbank.

And who could forget about the irresistible Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?

  Source: Photobucket

Those are all the normal cravings during a trip to Chicago. But this time, I was craving something else…. The Submarine Port.DSCN3121

I thank my cousin for this craving. I spent a lot of time with her when she was pregnant and I grew addicted to these garlic fries. They are so delish! They have the best subs too! I had the ham & cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, and special sauce, warmed. Even my husband gave up the deep dish pizza for these subs and garlic fries, they are that good!

Our next trip to Chicago will allow for more time to show the hubby those more important aspects of Chicago such as the Sears Tower, the Fire Fighter’s Memorial and deep dish pizza.

At last we had a great quick visit with the family.