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How I Spent My Weekend

One of my husband’s best friend’s got hitched this weekend at a beautiful farm/garden in the country. The sunset was just breath taking! The view from the reception window’s were just fabulous, overlooking a field and the rolling hills. I just loved watching the sunset and kept stepping outside to capture it.



We had a great time at the wedding and couldn’t be happier for the bride and groom!


This is my new favorite picture of the hubby and I! And I finally got to wear the outfit that I ordered for my niece’s wedding a few weeks ago, that never arrived on time!



Congrats Emily & Chris! We couldn’t be happier for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thank you for letting us share in your special day! You were beautiful!


All Things Blogs

I don’t even remember the first blog that I ever came across. I know that it was a looooong time ago, like many years. In fact I remember signing up for a account my Senior year of high school. I think I wrote like one post before I suddenly lost interest in it. At the time I thought that it was more for an online journal type of thing. Then I found a different site for that purpose and moved on.

Suddenly I found myself following other random blogs, then one day a few years ago, I discovered a blog about crafting and creative stuff, which lead to the next blog and so on. Then October 2009 while I was off work for a surgery, I decided to create my own blog (I had nothing better to do but spend all day on the computer when I wasn’t suppose to be walking). Then I decided I didn’t like the title and a few months later I created this blog. And things have just gone from there.

But now I like to think that I have started some kind of trend among my friends. Blogging is the cool thing to do, you know.

I have already introduced you to one of my long time.amazing.I.Don’t.Know.How.She.Does.It friends, Esther @ Our Simple Country Life (did you know she is hosting some new parties?)

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Then an old friend from high school, Nicole @ Inside the Mind of Nicole started a very light hearted blog about her life adventures. Not to mention her awesome photography skills and the humor she adds to her posts.


Most recently, my niece, (who yes, is 3 months older than me), Michelea @ Itsy Bitsy Tutu started her own Etsy shop selling the most adorable tutu’s.
In my own little world I like to think I had something to do about it! So stop by and check out their fabulous work. Did I mention how cute those Tutu’s are?
And don’t forget to check back soon as I am working on updating my Etsy Shop with many new items and I also accept custom orders.