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Heart & Home Clean Sweep- Day 5

I skipped day 4 {the master bedroom} of the Heart & Home Clean Sweep over at Our Simple Country Life. I never made it that far in my cleaning venture. Besides, the master bedroom never stay’s clean, see exhibit one!

Today is all about the other bedrooms in your home. One of our other rooms is currently used as our office. The other room doubles as my craft room/spare bedroom and when it’s clean is probably my favorite room of the house! But it’s also the room that everything that doesn’t have a home, gets thrown into.

I should also mention that since the last time I cleaned this room, Daisy has taken over the bed, hence the reason there is a sheet on top of the comforter and a blanket covering a pillow! {I don’t know how she became so spoiled!}



I decided it was time to get the room clean since I’m going to be sleeping in here for the next three weeks, as well as get to spend time catching up on scrapbooking when I have foot surgery next Friday.


See All.That.Stuff on the desk? Yep, I said everything get’s thrown in here! Samples, things that need returned, health and beauty products for the stockpile.




Daisy just had to get in the picture of her clean room! She’s always showing off her booty! HA!

If you’re wondering why the bed seems so high, the hubby built a frame for me that allows for extra storage underneath. I love being able to store boxes of fabric and other supplies under there since I don’t have a lot of room for storage.


I came up with this brilliant at midnight last weekend to move a desk that we never use in the office, to the craft room so that I could keep my sewing machine out all the time and stop dragging everything to the dining room table, where it tends to stay for weeks or months! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I have a new idea that I can’t wait to hopefully do this weekend for above the sewing machine!


This wall is still a work in progress. I had to do some rearranging when I brought in the desk, so this shelf that holds baskets of fabric got moved back to this wall for the second time {I’m so indecisive}. I need to figure out what to do with this wall.


And then there’s my still cluttered desk. I’m hoping to take care of everything on that shelf over the next month, since that’s everything that I NEED to scrapbook & I’m not talking papers, I’m talking pictures, articles, etc. All my papers are hidden under the bed! I also still need to organize the bins under the desk and the cabinet above that holds more craft supplies and cook books.

No matter how much I clean this room, it’s always a work in progress!

Don’t worry, I’ll post about our office tomorrow, since our laundry room is nothing fancy in our dinge basement!


Heart & Home Clean Sweep- Day 3

Day 3 at Our Simple Country Life’s, Heart & Home Clean Sweep is all about the bathroom and closets!



Our bathroom is t.i.n.y! I still have no idea how a large family with even two children would have lived in our home back in the 40’s when it was built! Could you imagine this being the only bathroom in the house for maybe four or five people?!


This is the only storage area in the bathroom {two of these cabinets}. This cabinet is the one that is always the worst! The bottom shelf is hair products, the middle one is my shelf {yes, it’s totally necessary for a girl to have seven different bottles of body spray to choose from}! And the top shelf is the hubby’s and drives me bonkers! Nothing is ever put back in place!



Much better, but sadly the top shelf looks just like the before picture again! I’m trying to learn to just let it be and not let my OCD take over!DSCN5759DSCN5761

I recently purchased this shower current at Target and I love it! It highlights all the colors I have in the bathroom and made the bathroom look bigger when we put it up!


Heart & Home Challenge- Day 6

It’s Day 6 of the challenge and I’m excited to actually be participating today!


For the past week this is what the guest room/scrapbooking room has looked like…

DSCN3056Yep… it has been a total disaster.

DSCN3059 DSCN3057 There may or may not have been a dog back in the corner of the bed, seeing how this is Daisy’s bed.

DSCN3058 I had actually started scrapbooking and left everything lay out. Then I needed a recipe and yes, I left the door open after finding said recipe. DSCN3088 This is the closet before.


Closet5 This closet could still use a lot of help. I need some more baskets to sort things.  DSCN3090This cabinet holds all of my cookbooks since there isn’t room in the kitchen. I’ve also used sticky hooks to hang up scrapbooking supplies that won’t fit in baskets or drawers on the desk.  DSCN3091Don’t mind the wet spots on the comforter. It wasn’t completely dry after washing.  DSCN3092 DSCN3094I can see my desk finally! But now that the room is clean, I need to pull things back out and start working on the scrapbooking that I am a year behind on!

For more details on this room and before and after pictures stay tuned for Show Us Your Home Friday in a few weeks. I never got a chance to blog about the redesign of this room last year when I gave it a big make over and I can’t wait to tell you the details!

Hope that you’re all enjoying this Heart & Home Challenge hosted by the fabulous Esther @ Our Simple Country Life. Please feel free to leave us your comments and what you love about the challenge and what you would like to see different in the future as we will be teaming up to bring you more challenges.


Heart & Home Challenge- Day 3

This is Day 3 posted on Day 4 of the challenge. I haven’t been very good with keeping up with the challenge. Partly due to the fact that I work 8:30-5, by the time I get home I just want to sit down and go to sleep. 


And I’ve been having some problems with my foot and had to have an MRI Tuesday. This morning I got a call from the doctor’s office telling me I needed to come in today, instead of next week for the results. I didn’t ask why or anything. When I got there, the receptionist ask if I was freaked out when she called me to come in early and had even asked the doctor what she should say to me if I asked why, which I didn’t. She was surprised by how calm I was on the phone. But of course, I wasn’t calm the rest of the day…. I was FREAKING out! I was thinking that I was going to need a cast and have to be off work for a few weeks. Turns out I have a stress fracture on my third toe and need to continue to take it easy. The doctor thinks that it is healing because the pain is getting better.

So of course when I got home I decided that I really needed to participate in the challenge at some point this week and that I had been neglecting my closet that needed some serious help.

I have a confession…. I absolutely HATE folding and putting laundry away. Sometimes our laundry stays in their baskets for weeks at a time, or until I run out of empty baskets to put the new clean laundry in. Well I haven’t quiet got to folding laundry from last weekend. When I came up the stairs this is what I found….


Jake sleeping on the clean sheets!



Yes, our closet is huge… it’s also unfinished. It’s actually the “attic.” As you can see in the next picture, it’s plumbed for a toilet. Oh, how I would love a toilet on the same floor as our bedroom!


Don’t mind Daisy’s bootie… she felt the need to check things out. She’s a little nosy like that.



    I really didn’t do much to the space as far as organization goes. I just took the time to pick things up that got left in the way while searching for something else and never gets put back in it’s place. This picture is from the door looking into the closet, which is the end that we’d eventually like to put that bathroom with a nice soaking tub. Although my first priority is to get some curtains up on these windows that look right into the neighbors.


This is looking to the other end of the closet towards the door. I know, I have A LOT of clothes! And I just donated a bunch too! I have a hard time getting rid of clothes because I never know when I might fit back into some of them.

DSCN3080And another view of everything pick up off the floor.  

I also managed to do a good cleaning of our one and only bathroom in this house which was today’s challenge. And I forgot to take pictures over the weekend during the process. I guess you’ll all just have to wait until it’s time to tour the bathroom in a few Friday’s to see it’s beauty.

If you’re participating in the challenge don’t forget to stop by Our Simple Country Life and link up your progress. Just wait until we get to the guest room/craft room on Monday. It needs the most work! I was sure to get those pictures before I messed with anything!

Heart & Home Challenge- Day 1


Don’t forget that today is the first day of the Heart & Home Clean Sweep Challenge over at Our Simple Country Life hosted by Esther!

Here is the schedule for the challenge:

Monday 11th – The Kitchen
Tuesday 12th – Living Room/Entry
Wednesday 13th – Master Bedroom/Closet
Thursday 14th – Bathrooms
Friday 15th – Bedrooms (kids rooms etc…)
Monday 18th – Playroom, Craft Rooms, Offices etc…
Tuesday 19th – Laundry Room (And catch up on any rooms you haven’t gotten to.)

Ever since I went to college, I’ve had this OCD tendency, that I have to have everything clean and in order before I can do anything else. That is my biggest fall back on why I get behind on craft projects and other things I need to do. Like this weekend, I should have done some sewing, but I had to have the kitchen swept and mopped, which lead to the whole house being cleaned. Since I’ve already done a good cleaning on most on of the rooms of my house for the Show Us Where You Live series, I am going to focus on cleaning and organizing different areas of each room that aren’t always seen or I don’t always get too each week.


Heart & Home Challenge

Many, many moons ago I loved having pen pals. I couldn’t wait to go to the mailbox to see what I had got every day. I’ve always enjoyed writing and keeping in touch with these pen pals. That was in the days before the world of Facebook and Twitter.

One of those amazing pen pals was Esther. Esther and I both lived in Iowa and came from two very different backgrounds. She was and still is someone that I have  looked up too. She is just an awesome Godly person, who comes from a wonderful Christian family (the oldest of 15 I think, I lost track a long time ago). As soon as I got my driver’s license, I enjoyed making the hour drive to frequently spend time with her and her family. Besides my family, she is the other reason why there are days that I miss being in Iowa.

Thanks to Facebook we have been able to keep in touch and recently the two of us have found another thing in common… the love of blogging! She continues to amaze me with all of her talents.

Esther is hosting a Heart & Home: Clean Sweep Challenge starting on Monday, October 11th over at Our Simple Country Life. Stop by, check out her blog and cute family, and join in the challenge of cleaning your home while cleaning your heart. Monday, the challenge starts in the kitchen, so grab the cleaning supplies and camera to capture your progress before and after. Don’t forget to link up your progress to the Heart & Home Challenge at  Our Simple Country Life.