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Homemade for the Holiday’s- Day One

I’m so excited! It’s finally here! Let the party begin!!!
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4. Be sure to visit other blogs for great idea’s, inspiration and friendship.
Day 1Front Door & Other Outdoor Christmas Décor {Link up pictures of your decor, and any how-twos, bargains etc.}
I made this wreath last year using ornaments. I like to stock up on these during the after Christmas sales! And thanks to Pinterest, I will be able to remember what I actually bought them for, the next year!
Outside, you’d think our house was part of Christmas with the Griswold’s! Thanks to our wonderful neighbors for allowing us to taking over their yard this year! 
I thought my husband was actually going to have a heart attack when I told him I thought we needed more lights in the trees!
{Don’t worry, he just came home from Home Depot, with three more boxes of LED Light! Lord, help us!}
We’ve officially became “that house” that everyone slows down for, in order to look at the Christmas lights! Our grandparents taught us well! My Grandma always had her yard decked out in decorations! Even at 85 years old, her yard is all lit up for every holiday!
Do you go all out when decorating outside for Christmas or do you keep it simple? Link up your front door & outdoor decorations.

Homemade for the Holidays

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting the second annual, Homemade for the Holidays link party December 5th-11th!


December 5thFront Door & Other Outdoor Christmas Decor {Link up pictures of your decor, and any how-twos, bargains etc.}

December 6thTree & Mantle Decor {Again link pictures and any explanations on how you did things, how-twos, bargains etc.}

December 7thFamily Traditions {Tell about your favorite family traditions, how they got started etc.}

December 8thGreeting Cards {Pictures – link-up homemade cards, letter ideas or any kind of ideas for Christmas greetings, card displays etc.}

December 9thTable Decor & Other Frugal Christmas Decor {Pictures – How-twos, bargains etc.}

December 10thChristmas Meals & Goodies {Link up pictures, recipes of meals and Christmas goodies.}

December 11thFrugal Gifting {Homemade frugal Christmas Gifts, or Redo’s of frugal bought purchases etc.}

All parties come with rules & this one is no different! Please use the image above  and link back to Luv, Laughter & Happily Ever After somewhere in your post that you are linking to the party. It’s really that simple! 


I have to give a big THANK YOU to Esther @ Our Simple Country Life for helping me organize this year’s Homemade for the Holidays!

So come back on December 5th and join in the party!


Tin Can Flowers


Our front flower beds needed some color but the beds are built up higher and I knew if I planted the flowers in the ground that they wouldn’t be seen from the street.

I came up with a plan! {scary, I know}


While shopping Wally World one day I noticed they had their flowers marked 50% off. I went back and got a punch of flowers for $14. I finally got everything planted yesterday!


With the help of my MIL and her friend, I collected some restaurant size tin cans.


I used the end that had been notched out as the bottom for drainage and cut off the other end.

I spray painted the cans with some spray paint I had on hand from the herb containers from a few years ago. Then I had the hubby drill some holes in the sides to attach wire to hang them from.


I planted the flowers (about four per can) and hung them on Sheppard’s hooks in the flower beds in the front of the house. They looked really pretty until the hooks couldn’t hold the weight after the rain. Now I have them sitting on the front steps.

This would be great with stronger hooks. I just used what we had in our garage from our wedding three years ago.

DSCN0515  DSCN0519 DSCN0520 DSCN0521



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