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Refrigerator Shelf Liners


Refrigerator Shelf Liners have been all the rage lately on the blogs & on Pinterest. I’d been wanting to do this for a while, but don’t make it to Target very often to get what I wanted for this project. Finally one day while at Target, I remembered this project.


I always hate cleaning out the fridge. It’s so tricky to get those glass shelves in and out of there. And I’m always afraid I’m going to break one of them.

After cleaning out the fridge, I measured the glass part of the shelves and cut squares of rubber shelf liner {I found this in the section with the mops and brooms at Target}.


I was able to line three shelves with the liner and used the scraps to line the inside of the two of the doors. I would recommend getting two rolls of the liner to make sure you have enough to complete the project.


I love the final product! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve completed this and it’s still clean and much easier to clean up messes!

Stock Pile Organization


I was in some serious need for better organization of my personal hygiene stock pile {ie- working on that whole simplicity thing for the year}. I realized something needed to be done when I was digging through a drawer one day and noticed the toothpaste had expired months ago. I always forgot that I had certain items and would purchase more at full price because I needed it right away, only to find weeks later, I had the item in my stock pile.


Our tiny hall closet was more or less  storage for junk and bathroom towels. {Even Daisy agrees that it is a mess}.


We never hang our coats in this closet and extra things always got thrown in here.


{Insert my brilliant idea}.


I had the hubby install two shelves in the closet.


Then I painted the shelves and the bottom half of the closet.


I purchased the shoe box size storage containers from WalMart for around 98 cents each.


I started cleaning out the drawers I had previously kept my stock pile in and sorted the items out into various boxes, creating different categories. Then I used my label maker to label each box.


I started with the boxes we don’t use all the time such as batteries, first aid, hair cutting stuff, and travel sized items on the floor of the closet. I was able to get six boxes in this section, that are still easy to access as needed.


The next shelf up holds more frequently used items such as razors, oral hygiene items,  cold & flu medications, lotions, etc.



The top shelf holds other medications that needed accessed more frequently, a few bottles of shampoo & conditioner {the others went to the basement with my larger stock pile}, and bath & body stuff.


I purchased this mini 3 drawer organizer on clearance at Target to make a first aid station. The top drawer has different sizes of band aids. The second drawer holds medical tape, a small first aid kit and thermometers. The bottom drawer keeps various ointments. I love this! I always hate digging through a drawer for a band aid when your finger is bleeding.


I had got this great utility bin with a recent Thirty-One Gifts purchase. It was bigger than I had expected it to be and had no idea what to do with it. Then it hit me! Put rolls of toilet paper it in! I always store extra TP in this closet due to not having enough room in the bathroom to keep a lot of extra TP. I love it! It’s probably my favorite thing in this closet now.


I cleaned up the top shelves that hold bathroom towels and added a few baskets to the top shelf to organize other items and extra kitchen towels.


I am so happy with how it turned out! Now I won’t have to worry about paying full price for an item just because I can’t find it. I will also be able to see when a category is getting low and begin to stock back up on those items. And no more toothpaste expiring!


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Clothes Organization for the Drawers

Does your t-shirt draw drive you batty every time you go to look for a shirt or try to shove one more shirt in the drawer while putting laundry away?

I HATE folding and putting laundry away with a passion! Especially the hubby’s clothes because nothing EVER fits back in the drawers!

I found this idea on Pinterest months ago and for the life of me, cannot find the original source in my 1700+ pins and 51 boards! I think it’s time to organize the Pinterest boards while I have nothing better to do this month!


This is one of those ideas that once I saw it, thought to myself, “why didn’t I think of that!”


Fold all of your t-shirts so that you can see some part of the design on the front. Then line them up in the drawer on their side, instead of stacking them. When they are stacked, I can never find a shirt, which results in the whole drawer becoming messy.


Now I can see what t-shirts I have easily when trying to pick out a shirt.

This is just brilliant! And my drawer has never been more organized and I’m not afraid to put away my t-shirts anymore!


Spice Cabinet & the Plastic Mess


I know, I’ve been really horrible lately at keeping up with the 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge over at I’m an Organizing Junkie. I’ve also been horrible at keeping the blog updated. Lately I just haven’t had any energy or motivation to do much, so projects are far and few between. In fact it took me all day yesterday to just clean the kitchen and sweep the floors.

Here are some pictures I had uploaded a few weeks ago when I tackled my spice cabinet/plastic storage containers.


No matter what, I can never seem to keep these plastic containers organized. Yet, I feel like I never have enough because the hubby takes them for work and never brings them home and then I can never find the one’s I need to put leftovers in.


Honestly, I think the plastic containers are back to looking like this again. But it felt good to be organized even if it was only for a few days.


If anything, at least I can find my spices again and see what all I have in stock.


The day I did this, I had just went to the Amish Bulk Store where they have tons of baking supplies for dirt cheap and fresh.


It’s so much easier to find the spices now without having the Cinnamon, Chili Powder and Liquid Smoke falling on me when I’m looking for the Hamburger Seasoning.


Thinking Summer…

The weather here in Ohio has been so unpredictable for the past month. For a few day’s it’ll be in the 60’s. Then it’ll rain, followed by snow. And repeat for a month. I’m so over winter and ready for summer and for vacation at the beach. I started thinking summer as I was cleaning out my sample basket recently. DSCN3860I have been collecting samples for a while now and love to see what I can get for free, especially things I can use when traveling.  I love getting laundry detergent samples.  There is a laundry area in the condo we stay at on vacation, so all these samples of detergent come in handy for doing laundry without trying to mess with taking containers of it with us or paying at least $1 for these in the travel size section of stores. There is also a dish washer and last year we forgot to bring cleaner for it (thankfully the in-laws live nearby), so this year we’ll be prepared with the Cascade Action Packs and Method detergent. DSCN3861The problem is that I have all these samples that I will use on vacation, but will probably forget about them in three months when it’s time to pack. So as I was cleaning I found a perfectly good baggie from last years vacation. DSCN3863 I put all of the samples I currently had on hand that we would need for and put them in the baggie. DSCN3866 And stored them in a place that I look frequently and knew I wouldn’t forget about them (on top of my sample basket). This way I can also add to it if I get more awesome freebies in the mail before vacation.

Are you thinking summer yet? What are your idea’s for keeping items used for vacation easily accessible to take the stress out of packing in the future?


Entry Way Organization & Storage


After organizing the office last week, I had an extra basket that didn’t have a home and I didn’t want it to be lonely. So I found a new home for it. 


The one of the things I don’t like about our home is we don’t have a mud room or proper entry way. There’s no where to really make on either, other than this little corner of the dining room. I have a small storage bench that I got a Goodwill many years ago, a rug to keep our shoes on and a few hooks on the wall to hold keys and right now my scarves.

This bench also seems to collect all of the hubby’s tools that he brings into the house and never takes back to the garage for months at a time. It drives me batty.


So I took the lonely basket, put it on the bench and added the tools and everything else that needs to go somewhere other than in the house in it. Now there is room for my adorable purse my amazing Mother-in-Law got me for Christmas.

Now it just needs to stop snowing so I can move the rug and put the bench back on the other wall where it looks better.


Office Organization


Somehow I always manage to obtain tons of paper clutter. And it all collects in our office and on the computer desk. All of this paper clutter causes me to feel overwhelmed. Especially when I sit down to do a blog post, I feel like my mind is jumping all over the place because the clutter is a distraction.

So this week I decided that it was time to tackle this clutter in the 52 weeks of Organization @ I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Of course, I was only going to focus on two areas this week, the desk area and this orange wire shelf. That lead to working on the entire office area all day.


DSCN3801 I keep a notebook on the desk listing every bill that’s due that month and check it off when it’s paid. This helps me see when things care coming due. Then once the bills are paid, I put the papers on top of the filing cabinet to be filed. Problem being, it sometimes takes me weeks to file these papers away, then other things get stacked on top in the process. DSCN3802 See, the mail gets thrown on top of the stack. Magazines are everywhere in this small room. DSCN3803Coupons are stored on top of the computer tower. Weekly ads are on top of the printer.  DSCN3804And then there are all of these magazines. Seriously, I get a free subscription to at least 10-15 different magazines. Even though I take many of them to work for our waiting rooms, they still seem to pile up very quickly.  DSCN3810The office doesn’t have a closet, so when we bought the house, I’m pretty sure the sellers solution to promoting this room as a bedroom was to add a small cabinet for storage. This cabinet holds books, electronics, extra paper and other office supplies. See there’s not even enough room to store all my new Dave Ramsey books.  

After-DSCN3820I had no idea how much dust was under all of that clutter. It still looks like it’s cluttered in the pictures but it’s a lot neater in person now. I still have a few things that I need to go through. But I’ll save those for another week. DSCN3819DSCN3813Much better! I had two huge stacks of magazines to get rid of. One stack I will take to work for our lobbies and the other stack will be recycled (they were magazines that I didn’t feel were appropriate for a waiting room, such as Cosmo). DSCN3814The magazines that I haven’t read yet (they seem to come faster than I can read them) are on the top of the shelf. Ones that I want to keep (like All You, Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart) get stored in this magazine holder that I got for a $1.50 at Goodwill a few months ago. I found my wedding planning binder (yes that was almost three years ago) on the bottom shelf collecting dust so I put it up until I figure out what to do with it.

The next shelf holds my husbands Men’s Fitness and home remolding magazines.  The bottom shelf has hanging files of other things that need sorted. DSCN3811Then there is the cabinet. I didn’t do much to this, except I did some rearranging. Like there were half used Thank You card boxes and an almost empty pretty card box, so I put the Thank You cards in the pretty box and threw away the packages. Threw away some other packaging, like the three empty packages from computer paper. DSCN3812I also used my label maker to make labels for the extra office supplies, paper, electronics, etc.     


There there’s this cutie who I had to thank for all of the dog hair I swept up from behind everything today. But look at that face, isn’t she just so cute?!


Bathroom Organization

52WeeksOrganizing I have been going crazy getting ready in the mornings because my bathroom is so small and the storage space that is in the bathroom has been so cluttered and unorganized. Finally everything has a home again.

BeforeDSCN3749   The husband’s shelf looks like everything is going to fall out. I couldn’t fit my moisturizer back in the basket and there were hair products in there that I never use. DSCN3750The bottom cabinet is full of the “extras” that we don’t frequently use and I couldn’t find anything I was every looking for.




Yeah, I know, I have a lot of face wash, that should last a few months.


Even though there is still a lot going on in the small space, it makes me want to get ready in the mornings now!