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Happy 5th Anniversary

Today marks our Fifth Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years already.


The last five years haven’t been easy, but we’ve got through those difficult times. Times that I think have made our marriage stronger. That have taught us lessons on caring for each other and always putting the other person first.


There have been good times and bad times. But through it all, we’ve got through it with each other. And I would have it no other way.


I look forward to seeing what the next 50 years bring.

“Sealing our love with a kiss…Waited my whole life for this…Watching all my dreams come true…Lost in this moment with you…”- Lost in this Moment by Big & Rich {Our First Dance Song}.

We celebrated my birthday and our anniversary last weekend with a trip to the zoo and dinner at Texas RoadHouse. This weekend is a race weekend for the hubby, so I’m headed to the track this afternoon for some racing and camping with him.


How I Spent My Weekend

One of my husband’s best friend’s got hitched this weekend at a beautiful farm/garden in the country. The sunset was just breath taking! The view from the reception window’s were just fabulous, overlooking a field and the rolling hills. I just loved watching the sunset and kept stepping outside to capture it.



We had a great time at the wedding and couldn’t be happier for the bride and groom!


This is my new favorite picture of the hubby and I! And I finally got to wear the outfit that I ordered for my niece’s wedding a few weeks ago, that never arrived on time!



Congrats Emily & Chris! We couldn’t be happier for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thank you for letting us share in your special day! You were beautiful!


I Do…

Sorry I ran off without much notice. But I promise it was for a very good cause!

My niece Michelea (pronounced Ma-che-la), who is three months older than I am, got married this past weekend. We ran off to Iowa for a few days to help her prepare for the big day, okay, more like flew! We flew in early Wednesday morning and were there until late Sunday morning. It was great getting to spend time with my family who, we hardly get to see. Yet it wasn’t enough time to see everyone.


They are so adorable together! They have been together for what seems like forever and we couldn’t be happier for them!


Poor Joe, didn’t know that he was going to be used and abused during the picture sessions!


I have many favorite pictures of the over 500 pictures I took of the big day, and this is one of them. I was the wedding planner/coordinator/personal attendant. Everything turned out so beautiful, including the weather. Just like the hubby and I’s wedding, the morning started out rainy but by late morning the sun started shining.


She was such a beautiful bride! I can’t wait to share more pictures from the wedding and our quick trip.