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These are linky parties that I sometimes participate in:


handmade projects


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  1. Brandy

    Det klart att jag är snäll och kallar det bonus kort. Tänk sÃ¥ det blir ibB.Ãdaln¥da korten är superfina. Gillar hur cirkeln pÃ¥ det första kortet pÃ¥minner om en snöboll! Dessutom färglägger du sååå fint.kram Annika


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  8. http://www./

    What an amazing display of courage here. Your honesty is incredible. I’ve been going through the same symptoms lately and had to write about it. We’re in this together. If you ever need to talk, I’m here. xo


    I'm not suggesting anything as drastic as putting Muslims in camps as we did to Japanese Americans during WW II Sounds pretty mild to me. Did any of those Japanese die in the camps while their cousins were chopping up American GIs and eating them, as Daniel documented some time ago?The West will only survive if it adopts ZERO tolerance for Islam. Good luck.

  10. http://www./

    Most of the people here have watched so many videos that they probably could do a better job. Even tho the puss was good, I too found the tissues to be annoying. If you’re afraid of spraying puss everywhere then go to the bathroom to squeeze where you don’t have to worry about it instead of covering up good shots.


    Hej Elisabeth!Känns så frusterande att läsa om hur du mår, vill så gärna ge dig mer tid o ork, du e så stark även om kroppen inte orkar. JAG HÅLLER VERKLIGEN TUMMARNA FÖR DIG vill att du får den tid du vill ha och orkar. BAMSEKRAM Anette

  12. http://www./

    I’m a huge fan of Ayn Rand’s work, and the objectivist philosophy. Free markets, and free will lead to growth and prosperity. More government and regulation leads to less growth and prosperity.

  13. http://www./

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  14. versicherung für pferdeanhänger

    So beautiful – we mothers who are close to 2our children all feel the exact same way, every time…trust me, it never abates. And some day when there are little ones, another little soul to love and worry about, you wiull feel even more so each time they leave you – unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have them living close by. So happy you had a lovely Thanksgiving…..Hug that Teddy Bear for me! Love, Laurie


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