Our Journey

Our Journey

{1.7.09} We met with my doctor to discuss trying to get pregnant. 

{8.09} Met with the doctor due to some irregular periods and heavy bleeding. I was diagnosed with PCOS and discussed our treatment options. I was prescribed Metformin to help regulate my cycles. 

{11.09-5.10} Tried five rounds of Clomid with no success. 

{1.4.11} Today I met with my doctor to find out what our further options were since we had done five rounds of Clomid and it didn’t seem to work on its own. The doctor ordered a ton of bloodwork, an x-ray and semen analysis, as well as referred us to a fertility specialist. I am nervous, yet excited to find out what our next options are. 

{6.10-12.10} We took a break to get some other health problems under control.

{1.7.11} Today is the two year mark since we started this journey. A journey that has had it’s ups and downs. Infertility can be a very draining thing to go through. Not only are there the side effects of medications and lack of menstrual cycles, emotionally it takes everything out of you. Especially when there is nothing more that you want in life than to be parents and suddenly it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall when everyone around you is announcing pregnancies. In the end I know that God has a plan for us and his timing is not always our timing.

{1.8.11} Today I completed the 2 hour glucose test. I kept trying to remind myself why I was doing this. I will never see Fruit Punch the same again.

{1.11.11} I found out that my glucose tolerance level was still pretty low. The doctor wants to increase my medication. Also had an x-ray done and found out that my tubes are not blocked *great news*.

{2.11 & 3.11} We tried two rounds of Femera without success. 

{4.11} We found out that our next option is to go with injectable medications. We are to do Femera again, along with Menopur. We have the option of doing an IUI.

{10.11} Husband’s seman analyis came back good.

{11.11} Tried Femera with Menopur only to find out 11 days into the cycle that my body did not respond to the medication. Doctor wants to increase the amount of Menopur to what I was originally told I would be on when we found out this was our next step, but when the medication was ordered, gave me a lower dose.

{12.22.11} After a week of abdominal pain, I was admitted to the hospital to have an ERCP done. I had gallstones blocking my common bile duct. Having the same procedure done again in February to remove more stones and the stent that they had to put in to make way for the stones to pass.

Our journey is currently on hold as we continue to save money for the next round of injections and I have the procedure done to remove more gallstones. 

{May 2012} Had surgery on my left foot, leaving me home bound for three weeks with not much to do other than scrapbook, blog and Facebook. In the mist of being home bound, I received an email from the Cleveland Clinic about some upcoming web chats they were offering this month. Two of them were regarding infertility. I was also in the process of finding a new RE as mine was moving further away than I was willing to drive. I participated in both chats, each time giving the background of our journey. The first chat, the doctor just recommended me following up with an RE. The second chat was the life changer.

{August 2012} During the second web chat, the doctor mentioned trying a procedure called ovarian drilling {sounds painful}. After doing some research, talking with my regular OB/GYN about it, I made an appointment with Dr. G to discuss this as an option. After hearing about what the procedure involved, the likelihood that it could help me to ovulate, and that I’d already exceeded my co-insurance for the year, we scheduled the surgery for September.

{9.10.12} The day that changed our journey to becoming parents… I went in at 3pm for the procedure {praying I’d be home by 7pm for a concert at the fair lol}. It was a fairly quick procedure where the doctor used a scope through my belly button and made a small cut in my pelvic area to “drill” out the cysts on my ovaries. I had minimal pain, just the normal period type cramping and resumed normal activities the next day.

At a follow up appointment, we discussed the fact that my cycles should regulate because of this procedure and I should start ovulating, either on my own or with the help of fertility medications and was given hope that we’d be pregnant within the next year. If we didn’t end up successful, then I most likely had some form of unexplained infertility.

The next four months came and went with cycles lasting various lengths.

{January 2013} I went to my family doctor complaining about my ongoing symptoms of being exhausted, not having any energy and constantly feeling burnt out. After having some blood work done, I found out that I had became anemic. Possibly from having more regular menstrual cycles. After starting an iron pill,  to my surprise, I had a cycle that was within normal range. I decided to use an OPK that month just for the heck of it to see if things were working. Sure enough, they were! For the first time in my life, I ovulated on my own that month!

{February 2013} When my cycle started in February, I called Dr. G’s office to let them know how things were going. He put me back on Femera to help stimulate ovulation. I had blood work on Day 21 of that cycle to find out great news, that I was in fact ovulating and my numbers were the highest that they had every been.

{March 2013} We continued with Femera and also had high numbers indicating ovulation did occur.

{April 2013} Continued with the same treatment and ovulation. But when we found out that we weren’t pregnant and I had let the doctors office know of this, I decided that I needed a break from the infertility medication. I was becoming increasing agitated, irritable, moody, confused, and forgetful. I just couldn’t handle these symptoms anymore and needed a break. My thought is that since I was ovulating, the combination of the medications and my increased progesterone, was causing me to feel this way.

{May 2013} We had a natural cycle that resulted in ovulation without the use of any infertility medications. A few days after ovulation, I had the worst cramps ever. We found out that this cycle didn’t result in pregnancy but continue to remain hopeful that God has a plan for us and that one day everything will all come together.

But right now we are so thankful for Dr. G & modern technology, that allowed us to find out about this procedure that we would have otherwise never know about. Otherwise, we could have wasted money on medications that would have never worked and been let down with the possibility that we’d never become parents. But today, we are hopeful that because of Dr. G and his willingness to preform a procedure that isn’t used all that often, that one day we will be parents.

{April 2014} I’ve had normal to me cycles the last five months and have used Femera during those months. Unfortunately, none of those cycles resulted in a pregnancy. The increase in progesterone each month from after ovulation until the start of my next cycle has left me feeling nauseous for weeks at a time. I’ve also felt more confused and forgetful with the medication. At my last appointment with Dr. G, we discussed doing an IUI, which is in our plans after we save up to pay cash for it. We also had a small bump in the road this month as the hubby started a new job in the middle of March, which has left us without medical coverage until May when he completes his sixty days of employment and can begin receiving benefits. I’ve also decided to not use medication this month because of our schedules and feeling like my body needs a break from the increased hormones I’ve been experiencing. I still believe that God gave me this disease for a reason; because he knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle feeling this way every month for years.