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Ultimate Blog Party 2013


I’m Amber and want to welcome you to Luv, Laughter & Happily Ever After! I like to call this my little corner of the web where I share my latest deals, DIY projects, recipes, struggles with infertility and life!

This is my fourth year {wow, can’t believe it’s been that long already} participating in the Ultimate Blog Party {UBP}  hosted by 5MinutesForMom.com.

I started blogging over four years ago when I started learning more about couponing and began getting great bargains that I wanted to share with my friends and family. From there it evolved into sharing more than just deals, but our life and our struggles. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but as Gary Allen’s song says, “Life isn’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.”

JGP1Photo By: Jessi Guiff Photography 

I’m an underpaid Martha Stewart with a taxi service by day {okay, so I’m a social worker} and a domesticated wife by night. I’ve been married to my jack-of-all-trades-husband for almost five years! This is double the trouble when we both have idea’s that we want to do around the house and have to come to a compromise!

I’ve called Ohio my home for the last eleven years, when I up rooted myself from the cornfields of Iowa and started my new venture in Ohio when I moved here for college. One of these days we’re planning on moving to Myrtle Beach to get away from the cold winters and be closer to the in-laws.

We’ve spent the last four years battling infertility and PCOS. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride. Ten rounds of infertility treatments later, we’re still struggling with this huge hole in our hearts that is empty, just waiting to be filled with a precious newborn. Last fall, I had a procedure done called Ovarian Drilling, a procedure that was once used before the invention of infertility medications, that has helped my cycles get on track. This has given me hope that one day we will be holding our miracle.  I keep trying to remember that his timing isn’t necessarily my timing.

I hope you will continue to join me on my journey as I post about recipes, crafts, travel, photography, our adventures and our life.

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Please excuse the very vague post, as I’ve procrastinated and have been rushing all evening to pack for a weekend trip to Chicago. I look forward to meeting tons of new readers and partying it up all week!